is a creative project made by Bernadette Sheridan(an online product designer and artist) that transforms your name into a plane combination of different colors. For instance, if your name consists of 5 letters, there will be a combination of 5 different colors. Each letter of the English alphabet has been assigned a single specific color. That means, if your name has some repeating letters, those repeating characters will be assigned the same color. 

Sheridan dedicated this project to people having a rare disease of Grapheme-color synesthesia (one of the most common forms of Synesthesia) in which a person sees letters and numbers as very specific colors.

credit: Wikipedia

How to know the color code of your name?

To know the combination of colors hidden inside the letters of your name, just visit this interactive tool of and it will show you the color code within seconds. 

My name 'Arsalaan' color code sample.

You can also buy digital and printed copies of your name color codes from Etsy that can be both framed or unframed depending upon the choice of your order.