Picture describing when the button of ''Set as Jiotune'' is faded, inside the JioSaavn app, the song is not available for caller tune. And, when it is bright inside the JioSaavn app, the song is available to set as caller tune for your Jio number.
JioSaavn app

I am a die-hard fan of Harry Potter. From books to Harry Potter stickers, I have them all. But the only thing that was missing was the Harry Potter theme song caller tune for my Jio sim. I launched the JioSaavn app, searched for Harry Potter inside the search box, and hit enter. Although the JioSaavn app carried all the Harry Potter songs, they were not available for caller tunes. This quirked me a bit. 

But, as I am quite inquisitive, I didn’t give up. I made some significant searches and found some simple techniques that you can use to set a song as your Caller Tune even if that song is not available as JioTunes inside the JioSaavn app.

Message the name of the song to 56789

Just type the name of the song inside your text message app and send it to 56789 using your Jio sim. They will give you a list of matching song names in reply and you can select the corresponding song number. Reply with Yes, and that song will be set as your caller tune instantly. And, if you want to stop the service, reply with STOP to 56789. 

Sometimes, a song fascinates you a lot but you don’t know its name. So, how will you search that song? In that case, you can download the Shazam app on your phone. Just launch the app, bring your phone close to the music source and it will tell you the name of that song within seconds. The app is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry as well as for Windows phones. 

Or, if you don’t have any music source but you know the lyrics, you can visit midomi.com. Just hum the song near your laptop or phone’s mic and its algorithm will match your lyrics with its music repository for the most suitable match. 

Open MyJio app

If the 56789 technique didn’t work for you, you can head to the MyJio app for further help. Open the MyJio app on your phone, click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner and select JioTunes. Click on Songs and type the name of the song inside the search query box. Select your song and press ‘Set as JioTune.’

Request for JioTune inside the JioSaavn app

Even after applying the above two methods, you failed to find the song you need, you can request for caller tune inside the JioSaavn app by clicking on the faded ‘Request JioTune’ button under the song’s theme image. Refer image.

Send an email to the Jiosaavn team

The request for JioTune inside the JioSaavn app is not effective in most cases. Alternatively, you can mail the JioSaavn team personally and request for your caller tune. Just visit their contact section(link), select option “None of the above, I’d like to go rogue” inside the drop-down box, fill in your details, type the name of the song in the message box along with your caller tune request lines and click send. They will contact you back and, if possible, they will set that song as your caller tune. 

Some Final Thoughts

So, why a song is sometimes unavailable for caller tune inside the JioSaavn app? Let’s hear this from the JioSaavn team itself!

First and foremost, JioSaavn actually never restricts your content on our own. Restrictions always come from the labels who own the rights, and the contracts signed to acquire those rights. Some labels limit access based on platforms, countries, regions, or in some cases restrict it altogether.

“Unavailable” content will be rare on JioSaavn, with the exception of English content which is only available in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. As with other restrictions, this is due to label rights and not something we’ve imposed ourselves.

Cited from the official JioSaavn website.