YouTube has the simplest and the cleanest UI when compared to any other online video sharing platform. But, when it comes to watching YouTube videos on big screens, like on Televisions, the interface is not that user-friendly.

This is because, in general, devices with a hefty screen size are usually kept at remarkable distances. And, when you watch videos sitting on your sofa or lying on your bed, the microscopic menus seem difficult to navigate.

YouTube TV Mode

What YouTube TV mode actually does is that it makes the size of all the menus remarkably large. This allows its users to navigate through the web app more easily. You can control and navigate through the web app from your keyboard itself or you can use a wireless keyboard if you don’t want to juggle with the wires.

You can also control the web app with your mouse. But you will need to deal with an onscreen keyboard in order to search for videos and, that will be a time-consuming job.

How to Connect?

To access the YouTube TV mode, visit or and sign-in with your Google account. And, to activate your YouTube TV account visit from your mobile phone or computer and enter the code provided.

Although you can skip the sign-in part to enjoy features like History, Watch Later, Purchases, Liked Videos and Collection, you need to sign in. 

YouTube TV sign in web interface of YouTube TV web app

YouTube TV activate web interface of YouTube TV web app

The YouTube TV web app is actually made to be manipulated using a keyboard. You get all the navigation guide buttons inside the web app.

Regulate YouTube TV with your Mobile

The best thing about YouTube TV is that you can control the web app with your mobile phone. So there is no need to buy a wireless keyboard if you have a smartphone with a YouTube app installed in it.

  • Open YouTube TV on your computer.
  • Go to settings and click on the link with TV code or visit for direct access.
  • You will receive a 12 digit code.
  • Open YouTube app on your smartphone, go to settings and select ‘Watch On TV’.
  • Enter that 12 digit code.
Link with TV code web interface of YouTube TV web app

Linking the copy of your YouTube TV allows you to regulate all the actions like playback and on-screen search with your smartphone dedicating that big screen just for contents.

The feature is most useful for those who have a smart TV. But if you are on the other side, you can connect your laptop or Desktop computer with an HDMI cord or you can also use the Amazon TV Fire Stick.