Recently, I was having a curiosity regarding one of my friends say, Ram. Ram is both a singer and a guitarist and undoubtedly, he is quite popular in college. I was pretty sure that he must have a lot of pending friend requests on Facebook. But, my chief objective was to know the names of people to whom Ram has sent friend requests on Facebook.

Facebook Keeps This Private

No doubt, the list contained girls in the majority. Anyhow, jokes apart, Facebook doesn’t disclose the names of people we or our friend has sent requests to. Maybe, this is against its privacy policy as showing this to the public can make that fellow being judgemental to others.

But, you can sneak peek the names of people to whom your friend has sent friend requests on Facebook.

This is applicable to your personal account as well. Suppose, you had sent friend requests to random girls on Facebook in the past, and now, you want to undo that. It is not possible to search their names one by one and open their profiles to cancel the request as the number is huge, and you don’t remember their names or their Facebook IDs as well.

Install UC Browser or UC Mini

Coming to the point, you need to install UC Browser or UC Mini app from the Google Play Store. Log in to your Facebook account and search for your Friend’s name of whom you want to fetch the details. Make sure you are surfing on its speed up interface. If not, enable it by going to Menu (Hamburger icon) > Tools > Facebook > Browse Facebook Faster.

Look for the Option ‘Following’

Go to their profile and click on the option ‘Following‘.  You will find a list of people to and from whom your friend has sent or received a request respectively.

The listThese people are following Ramare the people who have sent friend requests to Ram. The listRam is following these peopleare the ones Ram has sent friend requests to. Actually, when you send a friend request to someone on Facebook, the Facebook algorithm automatically places you on their followers’ list. It assumes that you are curious to know about that person.

As far as that person doesn’t accept your friend request, you will remain in their followers’ list.

Screenshot showing the list of Followers on a fellow friend on Facebook on UC Browser

What Does Follow Actually Mean?

The moment you become their friends, you will start getting their posts shown on your timeline. This will remove you from their followers’ list. But, that doesn’t mean, you have now unfollowed that person. Actually, the Follow feature displays or conceals the posts updates of your particular friend from your Facebook timeline when you enable or disable it respectively. This doesn’t affect your friendship with that person in any way. You can unfollow that person when you don’t want their posts to be displayed on your news feed.

Other browsers won’t help you

I experimented with other browsers like Opera, Opera Mini, Via Browser, CM Browser, and mCent Browser as they are quite popular and have some substantial downloads on the Google play store. But, none of them helped me apart from UC Browser and UC Mini.

This was because the Facebook interface they support is the official Facebook default theme. But, UC Browser and UC Mini have a distinct and unique speed up interface. This interface doesn’t obey Facebook’s default user interface.

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