Yes, you heard that right! Microsoft’s most popular app Word has now crossed 1 billion downloads on the Google play store. Word is the most popular app from Microsoft.

Screenshot of Microsoft word in the play store showing showing 1 billion download counts.
1 billion+ downloads

The other popular apps from Microsoft like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft PowerPoint are still standing there with 500M+ downloads.

This is a huge achievement for the company to cross 1B+ downloads in the play store. But that doesn’t mean that word may have really crossed the actual 1 billion downloads. Because in some handset devices, Microsoft pre embeds its app right from the factory installation. For example, my device Redmi4 came with pre-installed Microsoft apps. Samsung also pre embeds Microsoft apps in its smartphones.

Now, you must be wondering, what if we update the app? Does it count for +1 in the number of downloads?

Let me tell you if a user updates an app it doesn’t count for the +1. Because the download will only be counted if it is done with a unique Gmail account ID.

Overall, this is a huge number. Crossing 1B+ downloads is a huge milestone for any app. And Word is the first app from Microsoft to register its name in the 1 Billion hit list. Kudos to Microsoft!