No doubt, iPhone cameras are exceptional even if they don’t embed those large megapixels. But, it is also no wrong to say that Digital Cameras have their own charm. 

Anyhow, this is very surprising when you find an iPhone’s camera performing better than a Digital Camera both in terms of sharpness and color contrast. Heyley Kelble – the bride was disheartened when she received her wedding photographs from her wedding photographer. Although the photos were shot by a professional photographer with her digital camera, the photos came out to be boring, dim and blur.

Interestingly, Kelble’s mother iPhone’s camera performed much better. Photos took from the iPhone were vibrant, sharp, warm, and well saturated retaining a balanced contrast. 

See Photos:

A group of people standing for a wedding photo shoot. 
Captured by a Digital Camera.
A group of people standing for a wedding photo shoot.
Captured on an iPhone.

Photo-1 was captured by a Digital Camera and Photo-2 was captured on an iPhone.

Image Credits – Insider

The more shocking part was that the photographer charged them a sum of $800 for the wedding photography. According to Kelble, the photographer was careless and not guiding them diligently for capturing decent shots.

But, you can’t ignore the fact – that Digital Cameras are great, and for professional photography, they are unbeatable. But the harsh truth is, they come very costly. So, why not use a smartphone having a good camera as an alternative?

Remember the Sacred Games poster? It was shot on OnePlus7 Pro.