Every time the internet connection goes off, all you see is a monochrome screen inside your Google Chrome web browser with a T-Rex dinosaur game interface on your screen.

I usually play this game to pass my time until my internet connectivity makes a comeback!

If you ask me, I would say, it is almost impossible for a person to score 999999 in this T-Rex game as with the increasing level, the speed will become so fast that it will become almost impracticable to control that dinosaur. My highest score is merely around 54000 till now and this is a really bad score I must say!

Since, this Google Chrome game is mostly built on JavaScript, tweaking some of the codes inside the console section of the developer tools of your Google Chrome web browser can help you score the maximum point in the game i.e., 999999!

However, the score will reset to 0 henceforth and will again continue till 999999. This cycle goes on and on every time the score reaches this margin. As obtaining a score even close to this number in normal mode is almost unimaginable, the developers have set a maximum score of 999999. 

How to score 999999 points in the T-Rex game? 

Image showing 999999 score in the T-Rex game of Google Chrome.

Disconnect your laptop from the internet and open a new tab inside your Google Chrome web browser. Alternatively, you can also visit chrome://dino/ if you don’t want to disconnect the internet from your computer. 

Right-click on the white space of your screen and select ‘Inspect.’ Or, you can also click on the meatballs menu (three-dot vertical icon) on the top right corner and select Developer tools under the More tools option. 

Inside the console section of the ‘Developer tools’, write these simple codes and press enter. 

var dummy = Runner.prototype.gameOver
Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){}

The first line of code stores the original gameOver() function from the gamer’s code into a static variable ‘dummy.’

The second line of code will overwrite the gameOver() function with an empty function so that the dino surpasses all the obstacles and as a result, the game proceeds endlessly. 

You need to wait a bit longer to let the dino attain greater speed. To achieve the 999999 score instantly, you can increase the speed of the dinosaur by writing this code inside the console section. 


You can enter any other number inside the bracket to increase or decrease the speed of the dino accordingly.

As soon as you click on the console area, the game will pause. The moment you are close to the 999999 score, decrease the speed of the dino, left-click anywhere on the console window when the score reaches 999999, get out of the developer section by pressing the cross button and capture a screenshot.

To undo all the changes and make the game work normally again, simply write this code inside the console and press enter. 

Runner.prototype.gameOver = dummy

This code will restore the gameOver() function by transferring the original function that we had saved earlier in the static variable ‘dummy’ to its default state.

You can also refresh the page to undo the changes. But that will reset the score to zero. You need to take a screenshot before you refresh the page in order to capture a snapshot of your progress.

Voila! It’s time to brag in front of your school friends or office colleagues!

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