Unbox Therapy – currently the most influential tech channel on YouTube has recently published a dedicated video on a unique kind of wireless headphones that you probably have never heard or seen before. The headphones are called ‘Human Headphones‘.

If some of you may find a playback error while playing the embedded YouTube video here, just click on the video hyperlink I have provided above.

Why this is not like any other conventional headphone is because it has no headband attached to hold the two headphones on your ears. Rather, the headphones have a slit design that helps them to fit and sit on your ears. That’s why they are called over-ear headphones likewise.

Additional Features

Furthermore, the headphone has a touch gesture feature that you can use to customize controls like media controls and phone controls. Also, it has an inbuilt translator that helps you to translate your voice into 13 different languages using the Human Headphones app.

Additionally, you can append the two headphones together to enable the speaker mode which will transform it into a loudspeaker.