Grammarly is an AI-based software that helps us write grammatically correct and error-free sentences. It basically comes with an integrated browser extension to correct your writing errors on online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc. in real-time.

You can add the Grammarly extension to your preferred Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Grammarly website introductory page

Free Vs Premium Vs Business Plan

It offers free, premium and business plans with a plan priced at 0$, 11.66$ and 15$ per month respectively.

However, the free plan only protects you from grammar, spelling and punctuation errors with only one user per account. The premium plan suits well for a professional as it offers a correction to inconsistent writing style,
unclear sentence structure, insensitive or non-inclusive language,
inappropriate tone and much more.

On the other side, the business plan will offer you some extra support like admin panel, centralized billing, team usage statistics, 3 to 100 supportable users per account, and priority email support that are absent in the premium plan.

image describing the grammarly core features comparing between the free, premium and business plan

You can opt between monthly, quarterly and annual billing plans. However, the monthly plan will cost you more than an annual plan when considered according to yearly billings.

Don’t Act Quick

Grammarly paid plans gets fluctuated from time to time. They offer massive discounts on their paid plans periodically.

As soon as you consider a premium or a business plan to buy and leave the checkout page without completing the payment, you will get a purchase link in the form of a social sponsored link. They will offer you a 50% discount through sponsored links like I got on my Facebook news feed here. See Screenshot.

Image showing the discounted grammarly sponsored plan ad on Facebook

Image showing the grammarly paid plans comparing between annual plan and grammarly business plan

They will quickly drop their prices to lure you for buying their plans.

Try Other Alternatives

Other than Grammarly, Language Tool is a good alternative to consider. It offers almost the same features as Grammarly but the paid plan is a bit more expensive.

Grammarly is an online tool and it works only when you are connected to the internet. Whereas, Language Tool works both online and offline. They offer downloadable add-ons for Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Libre office to work offline.

Also, both offer a dedicated keyboard which you can download from the Google Play Store to write error-free sentences on your handset devices.