Remembering all the different passwords you have set for the different websites you visit is quite impossible. Also, you can’t fill easy-to-remember and similar passwords into them because of the growing number of data thefts.

The team at Mozilla had published an animated video on YouTube back in October 2010 explaining how you can set very strong and similar but easy-to-remember passwords for your different websites’ account.

The concept here can be understood in 3 easy steps:

  1. Start by picking and abbreviating a phrase that is easy to remember. For e.g., “Weakness is not your luxury” becomes “winyl”.
  2. Add some special characters on either side of the word. (e.g., @winyl%).
  3. Next, add some letters ( a combination of uppercase and lowercase for added security) from the website name into the original password as a suffix or prefix. 

For instance, the above password turns out to be @winyl%FkT for, @winyl%TwT for Twitter, @winyl%GmL for Gmail and so on. 

Here the special word that you have created i.e., @winyl% becomes the base password for each website you visit and the prefix, or the suffix, changes in accordance with the name of the website where you are deploying that password.

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