A stylus is an essential tool for digital artists to portray their creative imaginations on digital devices. But, they also become very important for common users, like us, especially in the winter season, when we put on gloves. Also, women with long nails need a stylus to operate their smartphone screens.

Types of Touchscreen

There are basically two types of touchscreen: Capacitive and Resistive. Resistive touchscreens can work with any object, as long as you apply pressure on the screen so that the top layer makes contact with the bottom layer. On the other side, Capacitive touchscreens work on the principle of electrical conductivity and, exposed human fingers are best for this.

A brief explanation – How does a touchscreen work?

Use Green Chilies as a Stylus

A stylus comes expensive and not all of us can afford them easily. Green chilies are available in almost every single Indian house, as we prefer eating spicy foods, right?

Also, Chillies are great as they come very cheap, are extremely light-weight and, are easily accessible.

How to use Green Chilies as a Stylus?

Take one chilly and tear off a tiny portion from the bottom part. We are removing a minor portion here to make the contact surface area quite broad for an effortless experience.

Voila! Now hold the chilly on your hand like a pen, and start playing with your screen. Make sure, the chilly is not moisturized, as petite water droplets will reduce the friction.

You can also use dry red chilies if green chilies are not available in your kitchen. But, dry chilies are soft and the hold will not be good. Long green chilies are best, as they are easy to hold and, are quite solid. So, they will not bend needlessly when you hold them with your fingers.

To know what other objects you can use to operate a capacitive screen, you can refer to this article by ComputerWeekly.com

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