Ecohoy is an e-commerce eco-friendly website that helps you buy environmentally concerned products online.

The term Ecohoy is derived from two words – Eco and Hoy. Eco means ‘environment’ and Hoy means ‘to attract someone’s attention.’ So, Ecohoy mainly aims at driving people’s attention to the improvement of the environment. Moreover, Ecohoy is a first-ever website that aims at preserving the environment by selling essentially confined eco-friendly products online. From crockeries to bags, cookware to personal care, toys to eco-friendly sustainable products, Ecohoy has them all!

Aayush Sharma – The Founder Of EcoHoy

With this active changing lifestyle, no one is concerned about nature. The CEO and Founder of Ecohoy – Aayush Sharma has done a great job by creating such a dedicated environment concerned e-commerce site. In addition to this, he also holds an MBA degree in hand and has good experience in finance. 

EcoHoy = Eco-Friendly + User-Friendly

Ecohoy is no different from other e-commerce websites. It covers all the basic needs a customer demands on a trustworthy website. Like online payment methods, home delivery service, return policy, etc. 

I was wondering whether they sell some eco-friendly tech gadgets as well? Surprisingly, they do! 

The site stocks bamboo keyboards, bamboo mouse, bamboo calculators, bamboo speaker. They also include tablet and laptop sleeves, solar-powered power banks, bags with solar embedded panels, table lamps, as well as, security cameras.

The Carbon Footprint Calculator

Moreover, the most interesting thing this website embeds is a carbon footprint measuring tool. As a matter of fact, the carbon footprint is the measure of the CO2 that you generate from your day to day activities. You can calculate your carbon footprint by answering some basic questions there. This calculation is the average of the carbon footprints from your electricity consumption, cooking, air travel, driving, and public transport. 

Become a seller on this eco-friendly website

You can also register yourself as a seller on the website, become a contributor and conserve this dying environment. 

I know a single purchase won’t make a very huge impact. But adding numerous small contributions can lead to greater influence!

Despite an Indian startup, Ecohoy gets huge international orders. According to Sumit, customer awareness is increasing day by day. He considers this as his most prominent success.

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