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Hey there! Welcome to We You and Tech – A tech blog handcrafted in India that deals with technology and related categories.

This is a one-man blog. A blog that mainly covers topics on technical problems and their solutions, optimize use of gadgets, consumer software, and provides tech guides in the simplest way possible.

We You and Tech was started back in July 2018, and within a very short span of time, the blog has gained decent popularity.

I am no expert in blogging, nor do I had a long plan before starting this blog. The initiation was unplanned. All I was doing was watching some random videos on YouTube, where I got to know about blogging, and that tiny spark motivated me to blog.

Whatever this blog expresses is the sole work based on my interests in digital and technical pieces of stuff. I have just collaborated the writing skill with my area of interest, and I usually publish articles once every two weeks.

The blog is no perfect. But, can be in the future with all your support and love.

I am a Computer Science Engineering student and studying currently in my 3rd year of graduation. Know more about me here.

Land to our contact section to get your queries solved and to know details regarding the contact process. I would love to hear feedback from your side and will try my level best to solve any of your queries as soon as possible.

You can also mail me at [email protected]. Or, you can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.